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Stay focused on work when you want, and goof off when you don't. Concentration is a simple Python 3 console utility to block distracting sites when you need to focus, while allowing you to easily take timed breaks. Concentration uses the /etc/hosts file as the mechanism to block sites, and works on Linux, Macintosh, and Windows.

Concentration Example

Installing Concentration

pip3 install concentration

Or, if pip is already set to use Python 3

pip install concentration

Or, if you wanted concentration installed and ran in an isolated environment, consider using pipx:

pipx run concentration

Using Concentration

To keep focused (blocking distracting sites):

sudo concentration improve

To take a small 5 minute timed break:

sudo concentration break

To take a long 60 minute timed break:

sudo concentration break -m 60

You can cancel breaks with Ctrl-C.

To disable blocking until you explicitly enable it again:

sudo concentration lose

Configuring Concentration

You can add more files to the blocked list by putting them in the following files (new line delimited): - ~/.concentration.distractors - /etc/concentration.distractors

You can make sure sites are visible even if concentration is enabled by putting them in the following files (new line delimited): - ~/ - /etc/

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Thanks and I hope you find concentration useful in your effort to get more done!

~Timothy Crosley